Collégiale Saint-Tugal

Listed or registered (CNMHS) ,  Town of art and history ,  Gothic ,  Collegiate church at Laval

  • Near the actual Courthouse, these ruins embody the place of the ancient necorpolis of the Lords of Laval.

    Founded by Guy V in 1170, the chapter of Laval was initially serving the chapel of the castle.

    In the 13the century, it was transfered in 'Bourg Chevreau'. The place grew in importance in the 14th century, when they take Saint Tugal as their patron saint.

    Anne de Laval transformed the church in the 15th century. A bell tower, a unique nave, lateral chapels and a flat apse were added to the building. The collegiate church becomes the Lords of Laval's necropolis.

    The French Revolution and its privatisation in the 19th century will give it its actual state of ruin. The remains were enhanced again when the new Courthouse was constructed in the 2000s.
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