Eglise Notre-Dame des Cordeliers

Listed or registered (CNMHS) ,  Town of art and history ,  Historic site and monument ,  Gothic ,  Baroque ,  19th century ,  Church at Laval

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  • Discover a remarkable altarpieces of the 17th century !

    Discover the remarkable altarpieces of the 17th century.

    In 1394, Guy XII of Laval promotes the settlement of Franciscan monks in the Saint-Martin faubourg. Blessed in 1407, the nave of their new church has the particularity to be fitted with a collateral composed of 7 gable-ended chapels.

    In 1630, the famous architect from Laval, Pierre Corbineau, produces the altarpieces of the collateral chapels, as well as the impressive one, on top of the main altar. This last is a perfect example of the lavallois altarpiece style, which reached its golden age in the 17th century.
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