Not to be missed: Musée Robert Tatin in Cossé le Vivien

Robert Tatin (1902–1983) accomplished his work in the heart of the generous Mayenne nature. It was at the age of sixty that the well-known artist returned to Cossé le Vivien and devoted his life to creating a spectacular archisculpture: L’Étrange Mussée (the Strange Museum). Gardens have grown around this dreamlike work, at the crossing of all civilisations and it has become one of the cultural landmarks in Mayenne.
€5/Person Guided and commented tour – Duration of the tour: 2 hrs

Ursulines Convent in Château-Gontier

When visiting the convent, you will learn about the life of the nuns and the pupils in their care. From the cellar to the cells, the Ursulines daily life is revealed against a backdrop of turbulent French history from the 17th to 20th century. As well as a memorial site, the Ursulines convent is also a living place that houses the Conservatoire de musique et de danse (Music and Dance Conservatory) and the Scène Nationale Le Carré (Le Carré National Stage). This new cultural calling is reflected in the third wing of the cloister, which was inaugurated in 1999 and houses a magnificent 530-seat theatre.
€3.50/Person Max. 53 people Guided and commented tour
Duration of the tour: 1 hr 30 min
It is possible to visit the town in the tourist train. Contact us.

Château de Craon (Craon Castle)

This jewel of southern Mayenne was built in the 18th century by the Marquis of Armaillé and is in an exceptional state of conservation. Indeed, restoration work carried out in the 19th century, following damage by the revolutionaries, in no way misrepresent the architectural ensemble that visitors can see today, as it was in 1779. From the large entrance hall to the music hall via the dining room or the oval room, Craon Castle illustrates the aristocracy lifestyle under the old regime. You will be amazed by the castle’s huge park. The French garden is a regular garden with perspective and classic symmetry. The English garden is an irregular garden focusing on curves, and romantic contrast between light and shadow. Don’t miss the vegetable garden either.
€7.00/person Max 60 people Guided and commented tour lasting 2 hrs

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