Not to be missed: Medieval town of Sainte-Suzanne

The medieval town of Sainte-Suzanne is ranked as one of the most beautiful villages in France. It is also known as “the little pearl of the Maine”. The village is built in the shape of a triangle on a rocky spur that overlooks the course of the Erve river from 70 metres above.
€4/person Guided and commented tour – Duration of the tour: 1 hr 30 min

Sainte-Suzanne fortress

The renaissance castle built by Fouquet de la Varenne, one of Henri IV’s ministers, has regained its former splendour thanks to efforts undertaken to enhance it over several years. It has an 11th-century keep with walkways.
€6/person Max. 60 people. Guided and commented tour – Duration of the tour: 1 hr

Jublains Roman Town

Welcome to the first centuries AD, in the heart of Gallic country, home to the Aulerci Diaulitae. It is a unique site in the west of France, and its monuments form an ensemble that makes it easy to imagine what the ancient town of Noviodunum must have been like. The tour starts from the museum and the fortress, then heads to the thermal baths and the temple through an exceptionally preserved heritage site.
€4/Person Max. 53 people. Guided and commented tour – Duration of the tour: 2 hrs

CIAP – Centre d’Interprétation de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine (Architecture and Heritage Interpretation Centre)

In 2009, significant conversion works to the dwelling of the Château de Sainte-Suzanne led to the opening of a space specifically dedicated to Mayenne heritage in general and in all forms and highlights the Coëvrons-Mayenne territory in particular.
€6/person Max. 20 people. Guided and commented tour of the CIAP – Duration of the tour: 1 hr 30 min

Grottes de Saulges (Saulges caves)

In the heart of the Erve Valley, classified Natura 2000, the caves are home to animal and plant species that are protected because they are either rare or fragile: bats, dragonflies, butterflies, fish, orchids, and so on.
Worth noting: the future opening of a museum illustrating the site. (Contact us)
€6.50/Person Max. 25 pers. per tour (tour of a cave) – Guided and commented tour Duration of the tour: 1 hr 30 min

Basilica ND de l’épine in Evron

The Basilica is an architectural jewel from the Middle Ages and combines Gothic and Romanesque styles which is why it is so charming. The origin of the Basilica’s construction is based on a legend that says a pilgrim who had returned from Jerusalem in the 7th century had witnessed a miracle. The miracle was what led to the creation of a Benedictine monastery. It was in the 10th century that the monks of Evron decided to build a Romanesque church.
€60 group rate Max 53 people Guided and commented tour – Duration of the tour: 1 hr

The Moulin de Thévalles (Thévalles Mill) in Ceméré le Roi

In one of the most beautiful sites in the Erve Valley, at the foot of a beautiful 15th-century castle, the mill is the last great, authentic mill in Mayenne to be preserved. The watermill is classified as a historic monument. The 4-level mechanism weighs 30 tonnes and is unique in the west of France.
€5/Person Max. 50 people. Guided and commented tour – Duration of the tour: 1 hr

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