Welcome to cheese country!

The Pays de Laval is famous for its variety of cheeses. The Abbaye du Port du Salut (Entrammes) is known for making “Port Salut” cheese, while the Trappist Nuns of the Abbaye de la Coudre (Laval) ripen the famous “Trappe” cheese. At the Fromagerie Bio du Maine (Maine Organic Cheese Dairy), which you can visit, Entrammes, the genuine local cheese, is made using traditional methods. The delicious “Bons Mayennais” Camembert is also well-known. For its part, the Lactalis Group, a Mayenne family business with its head office in Laval, is the world’s number one for dairy products. Président brand Camembert and Emmental, Chaussée Aux Moines, Roquefort Société and Galbani Mozzarella are all names that whet the appetite!

Laval Market

Place des Acacias and Place de la Trémoille on Saturday and Tuesday mornings. Enjoy strolling among the stalls of fresh produce, fresh cheeses, organic bread and garden flowers. Once you’ve finished shopping, take a break in the cafés or terraces that border the square.

Le Marché des ÉPIÉS

An authentic market at the farm, every Friday from 5.30 to 7.30 p.m. Apples, bread, eggs, fruit, vegetables, flour, oils, poultry, honey, herbal tea, cheeses, craft beer, jams and many other local products that are “Made in Mayenne”


Try the Tourte Mayennaise (Mayenne pie)

Thanks to the will of the Mayenne region’s men and women, a Radio France Mayenne broadcast of a culinary marathon, led to a wonderful human adventure and the delicious Mayenne pie! Filled with apples, beef and Entrammes cheese, chefs Fabrice Sorin and Alexandre Arnaud created the Tourte Mayennaise recipe. It is sold in medium and large supermarkets and at www.lesgorronnaises.com


A firm favourite

We love... Everything!
Because gluttony is a divine sin and it would be wrong to deprive yourself of the good products Made in Mayenne!
With the Bienvenue à la Ferme (Welcome to the Farm) network, producers and breeders open up their farms for a visit, a stay, or for sampling.
Many restaurants favour local produce and often offer a “return from the market” menu.
Not forgetting a visit to our artisan bakers, pastry cooks, chocolatiers, butchers and pork butchers, caterers who are committed to ensuring they provide good, organic, gourmet and gourmand products.
Learn more about the markets and local produce