The “Mother and daughter” tourist counter

To celebrate the centenary (1912–2012), the Pays de Laval Tourist Office has launched a line of T-shirts “I Love L.A.*.”

  • Child (2 to 12 years): €11

To order, call +33 (0) or E-mail
Mums from the Office have posed with their daughters to present the "I Love L.A.*” T-shirt:

Photos : B. Girault
(*Laval Agglomération) 


Would you like to please your friends and family when you return from your holiday? Are you are looking for a souvenir representing Laval before going abroad? The Tourist Office has you covered!  

Already on sale:

  • Laval Mugs: €6
  • I Love L.A. mugs: €6
  • Magnets: €3
  • Thimbles €2.60
  • Monbana chocolate
  • etc.


And as always...

The Tourist Office also sells the essential souvenir-gifts and guidebooks:

  • postcards
  • gourmet baskets
  • hiking guides