Hiking tours in the Pays de Laval

The Pays de Laval-Loiron Tourist Office, in association with the CRDP 53 and Raymond Gasdon (a tireless hiking volunteer), provides a free download of hiking tours in the Laval Tourist Area. They can be followed independently, alone or with friends and family.

L’Aumarin tour and variation of Petit Aumarin

11 km tour (2 hrs 45 min) or 7.3 km (1 hr 50 min) starting from the Bourgneuf-la-Forêt hall
63% dirt tracks
Yellow markings

The Bourny tour

6 km tour – 1 hr 30 min starting from Place de la Commune, Quartier du Bourny in Laval

Lime kiln and quarries tour in Louverné

6.5 km tour (1 hr 40 min) or 9.5 km (3hrs including the EcHologia tour) starting from the La Vannerie car park (route d’Argentré after the train station)

Laval – L’Huisserie: Ville d’art et d’histoire (Town of Art and History) and its “green lung”

20 km tour (5hrs) or 11.5 km (3hrs) starting from the SNCF station in Laval
Urban tour
Yellow markings

The Gabelous tour in Saint-Ouen-des-Toits

11.5 km tour (3hrs) starting from the Church Square in Saint-Ouen-des-Toits
Yellow markings

The Saint-Nicolas stream tour - Laval

8.2 km tour (2 hrs 30 min) starting from the Saint-Nicolas Maison du Quartier
Yellow markings

Laval urban tour

5.5 km tour (2 hrs) starting from Place du Gast in Laval
Urban tour
Red markings

Bocage hillside tour in St-Jean-sur-Mayenne

7.4 km tour (2 hrs) starting from the Route de Montflours car park in St-Jean-sur-Mayenne
78% dirt roads in the municipalities of St-Jean/Mayenne and Louverné
Yellow and yellow-blue markings

Dales and hills around Montflours

11 km tour (2 hrs 45 min) starting from the Montflours church
72% dirt tracks in the municipalities of Montflours and Sacé
Yellow markings

Golf tour

9.5 km tour (2 hrs 30 min) starting from the Changé Lake
65% dirt tracks, yellow markings

Lucette tour in Genest-St-Isle

11.3 km tour (2 hrs 50 min) starting from the Genest-Saint-Isle church.
65% dirt tracks, yellow and red-yellow markings

Coupeau tour in Saint-Berthevin

8.5 km tour (2 hrs 30 min) from the Portes de Coupeau (exit from Saint-Berthevin towards the Route de Rennes)
87% dirt tracks

Woods, river and habitat

12 km tour (3 hrs) starting from L’Huisserie church. 79% dirt tracks
Yellow and yellow-blue markings

Plateau and dales in L’Ouette

7 km – 1 hr 45 min Place du Prieuré
70% dirt tracks
7 km tour (1 hr 45 min) starting from Place de la Prieuré in Parné-sur-Roc.
70% dirt tracks, yellow and yellow-blue markings