Forests, rivers and sunken paths - ride freely!

The Pays de Laval is a privileged setting for mountain biking. It is possible to ride alongside the River Mayenne on the towpath, through the undergrowth by following the Bois de L’Huisserie routes or take the 170 km-long Chemin Communautaire that crosses 20 municipalities.

Guidebook: "Les Chemins du Pays de Laval"

To help you in your exploration, the Pays de Laval guidebook “Les Chemins du Pays de Laval” that suggests 14 hiking routes across the Pays de Laval
The guidebook is on sale for €5 at the Pays de Laval Tourist Office.
How to get your copy: send us a cheque for €5 made out to l’Office de Tourisme du Pays de Laval (84, avenue Robert Buron - 53000 LAVAL) and as soon as we have received it, we will send you your guidebook.

The towpath

This old path, previously used for towing barges, has been entirely rehabilitated and today it is La Mayenne’s very first hiking trail.
The 85-km green band alongside the river provide a good excuse to discover the natural heritage that is almost unique in France. Hikers, walkers and other nature lovers can explore La Mayenne from all angles: history, heritage, fauna, flora, nature and locks.

Towpath guidebook: 85 delightful kilometres to explore
The guidebook “A la découverte de 85 km de bonheur” concentrates all the information presented on the information panels and theme maps along with some additional information relating to remarkable trees.

It is available at the Pays de Laval Tourist Office.

The old railway tracks

Just like the towpath, the railway tracks have also resumed service for the benefit of hikers, cyclists and horse riders.

  • The Ambrières-les-Vallées/La Chapelle-Anthenaise itinerary: 40 km
  • The Javron-les-chapels/Mayenne itinerary: 32.5 km
  • The Laval/Renazé itinerary: 46.5 km
  • The Château-Gontier/Chemazé: itinerary: 9 km

Hiking in practice

Associations offering hiking outings

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