Les Thermes Gallo-Romains d'Entrammes

Listed or registered (CNMHS) ,  Historic site and monument ,  Gallo-Roman ,  Archaeological site at Entrammes
  • Discover the Roman-Gaul Baths of Entrammes, a witness of the early history of the city!

    Discovered in 1987, the Gallo-Roman Baths of Entrammes owe their remarkable state of preservation to being supplanted by a church, from the end of Antiquity. Thanks to this protection, rare remains have been preserved, such as Roman walls of 8,50m high, four bathrooms in rows heated by hypocaust, arcades and brick windows, as well as testimonies of the religious occupation of site (ambo, sarcophagus, bell molds). These treasures are revealed during a visit remarkably highlighted. Opening from 1 May to 17 September 2017
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    Magnifique thermes, très beau site. Je suis ravie de cette visite ! Un trésor pas très loin de Laval.